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GPX Animator

Advanced GPX to Video convertor

GPX Animator


GPX Animator generates video from GPX files.



Latest Stable Version

It is recommended, to download the latest stable version. As of today, this is v1.4, released on Dec. 20, 2019. In this release we closed 48 reported issues! Here is a summary of the most important ones:

Basic usage

For default GUI run:

java -jar GpxAnimator-1.4.jar

For program help run:

java -jar GpxAnimator-1.4.jar --help

For direct rendering run:

java -jar GpxAnimator-1.4.jar --input track.gpx


Application is crashing with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Increase java heap memory: java -Xmx1024m -jar GpxAnimator-1.4.jar. If the problem persists, try higher value or check if your GPX trace doesn't cover too big area. If it does then try to specify lower zoom, width and/or height.

Does it run on Linux, Windows, WhateverOS?

Application will run on any platform where you can run Java.

My GPX is missing point timestamps

No problem. Add --forced-point-time-interval option.

Video is very short or long

Fine-tune speedup or specify exact total time in seconds.

The UI is too small on a high DPI screen

Some (older) Java versions have problems with the resolution of a high DPI screen. Until we find a solution to do it programmatically, you can force Java to double the size of the UI using this command:

GDK_SCALE=2 java -jar target/GpxAnimator-1.4.jar

I have some other problem

Feel free to open an issue in the GitHub Issue Tracker (highly preferred) or write us at